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Ani Egoista’s Top 10 Gift Picks for a Magical New Year

From the Heart of the Designer: Treasures for Timeless Moments



Hello, it’s Ani Egoista here! Today, I’m excited to share with you my handpicked gift ideas for the New Year. My dear friend and colleague, Isabella Rossi, asked me to select my top ten favorites from our collection. I always joke that I love all our pieces, but let’s try narrowing it down to ten special ones.

Dear friends, I’ve always been inspired by nature, and many of my ideas come to me when I’m outdoors. This is one of the reasons why sustainability and the use of eco-friendly materials play such a significant role in my work. I prefer creating jewelry that reveals its beauty over time, where small scratches and wear only add to their charm.

I also advocate for mindful shopping. In our times, it’s important not just to buy, but to do so with intention and heart. And of course, packaging! I wanted our packaging to carry the philosophy of sustainability, so instead of a standard bag, we offer a pouch that can be joyfully used in everyday life.

Here’s my selection for you, friends. I hope it inspires you as much as it inspires me. Remember, each piece from ANI EGOISTA is not just an ornament, it’s part of a story, part of your journey. Let’s choose gifts that carry meaning and joy not just for this New Year but for many years to come:

Metamorphosis Ring in Gold Color | Sustainable Brass: $129. This ring is a symbol of transformation and new beginnings


Metamorphosis Shadowed Ring in Black Color | Sustainable Brass: $129. Dark and mysterious, like the city at night.


Heart of Dreams Pendant in Gold Color | Sustainable Brass: $149. A reminder to dream big and follow your heart.


Eloquent Twist Earrings in Gold Color | Sustainable Brass: $149. Elegance in every twist of these gold earrings.



Shadowline Shades Sunglasses in Black Color | Acetate: $179. Style and confidence in every glance.


Orbital Elegance Comb Pendant in Amber Color | Innovative Polymer: $109. Harmony and balance in every movement.


Urban Envelope Travel Organizer in Beige Color | Eco-Conscious Vegan Leather: $149. For those who value organization and style.


Life Balance Cube in Ivory Color | Innovative Polymer: $99. Art of living in harmony and balance.



Serene Heart Jewelry Box in Black Color | Innovative Polymer: $204. A guardian for your most precious jewels.



Elegant Hold Jewelry Tray in Beige Color | Premium Vegan Leather: $109. Elegance and functionality combined.




Each piece we create is not just a gift, it’s a reflection of a journey, an echo of nature’s beauty, and a step towards sustainable elegance. Ani Egoista


In this festive season, I wish you moments of happiness and inspiration, reflected in every gift you choose. May these little works of art fill your life with wonder and beauty.

With love and warmth,
Ani Egoista.

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